5 Industries That Need Surface or Sub-Surface Aerators and Why

A beautiful water surface with machines

Water bodies that stay stagnant for long periods of time will develop low-oxygen conditions and can become hypoxic or anoxic. These conditions may create a rotten egg smell, and they often have devastating consequences for the aquatic organisms in the water. Fortunately, many industries can combat this issue with water aeration. If your company falls…

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Surface Aeration Versus Sub-Surface Aeration: Which Is Right for You?

A drop of water dropping on the water surface

What do wineries, hog farms, and wastewater treatment plants have in common? Owners in each of these industries often create and maintain large bodies of water on their property, such as ponds for vineyards or municipal wastewater treatment areas. Additionally, businesses within these industries suffer if the water they rely on does not contain enough…

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