Our Frac Water Aerator

Proper treatment of the water in your frac pond is an essential part of this industrial process, both to save money and to act prudently in terms of environmental consciousness. Taking this step allows you to comply with local ordinances and treat your fracking wastewater. Aeration is an essential step in the process.

For your frac water aerator treatment, look no further than the efficient aerators from VaraCorp. For over a decade, VaraCorp has provided reliable, efficient aerators across industries. We make efficient aerators for specialized tasks, including those ideally suited for frac water aerator treatment. Order yours to better treat the frac water in your frac ponds.

What’s to Treat

When you work in fracking, you need a pond to treat the over two million gallons of water that has been jetted into the earth. As this water drills into the earth, it picks up salts, metals, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and naturally occurring radioactive materials — to say nothing of the sand and chemicals mixed into the water to help it drill into the earth.

These chemicals are typically naturally occurring volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These chemicals are known as BTEX — as they are a mix of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene — and are classified as contaminants by the EPA, as they pose potential threats to drinking and other surface water.

What Aeration Can Do

Aeration is an ideal way to treat these massive amounts of wastewater, as it treats without chemicals and takes care of multiple types of contamination.

Our aerators introduce tiny bubbles throughout the water, allowing for quiet aeration of your fracking wastewater. Introducing oxygen to frac wastewater in this way:

  • enhances evaporation
  • prevents sludge buildup and surface matting
  • oxidizes metals so they can be filtered or settled
  • helps to strip hydrocarbon gases and volatile compounds
  • stabilizes pH
  • oxidizes sulfide-reducing bacteria, which mitigates hydrogen sulfide odors.

All of these allow for easier treatment of frac wastewater. To order your frac water aerator, reach out online today.