• Reduce complaints about odor
  • Lower your monthly electric bill
  • Slash your aerator maintenance costs
  • Ramp up the level of your dissolved oxygen
  • Operate in sub-freezing weather
  • Provide mixing action in your lagoon
  • Provide you with years of trouble-free service
  • And much more!

Specializing in Floating Surface Aerators for Wastewater Treatment

VaraCorp LLC specializes in floating surface aerators, municipal wastewater aerators, industrial wastewater surface aeration, farm wastewater aerator, aquaculture aeration, and wastewater aeration equipment.

Our aerators for wastewater treatment feature a unique turbine water aeration design.

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More Dissolved Oxygen with Less Horse Power

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Pontoons Guaranteed Not To Sink

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Explosion of Oxygen Throughout the Lagoon

At VaraCorp, our team is excited to help agriculturists everywhere find energy-efficient ways to safely aerate their wastewater. Our surface wastewater aerator services can effectively aerate your wastewater so that you can avoid backups and accumulated debris or waste. Our treatments are designed with your business in mind so that you enjoy a quality customer service experience.

We take pride in our ability to connect with you on both a professional and personal level so that you can enjoy a surface wastewater aeration treatment that you will want to return to again in the future. With our help, we can ensure the health and safety of your wastewater removal processes. Our goal is to help you save time, money, and energy for all of your agricultural and engineering needs.

If you are ready to make a purchase with confidence, connect with our friendly team today. Read on to learn more about our surface wastewater aeration services and connect with us through our helpful contact page.

The Floating Surface Lagoon Aeration System

The floating surface lagoon aerator system is designed for open water municipal aeration and industrial aeration ponds or lagoons. The pontoon system is needed if water levels tend to rise or fall significantly. The pontoons consist of UV treated high density polyethylene jackets filled with closed-cell foam, guaranteed not to sink.

One of the keys to successful aeration is the retention time of the dissolved oxygen. Large bubbles, as seen with many competing aerators, tend to rise and escape to the atmosphere. The VaraCorp floating aerators for wastewater can produce a high percentage of bubbles that are so small as to be undetectable by the unaided eye.

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We sell results!

VaraCorp, LLC

Anyone can sell you a piece of equipment. VaraCorp sells results. That is the reason a large percentage of our customers buy again and again.

VaraCorp Maintains a Large Inventory

VaraCorp, LLC

Due to our large inventory of surface aerators, we can normally ship in 3 to 5 days, depending on our shipment commitments.

VaraCorp, LLC

VaraCorp’s motors are custom-made in America by the Baldor Motor Company and by other manufacturers.

VaraCorp, LLC

Our air shafts are made of 316 Stainless Steel with ¼-inch thick walls for longer life. Each shaft is tested for balance before shipment.

VaraCorp, LLC

Large quantities of pontoons are stored for quick shipment. Each pontoon is tested and inspected for quality assurance.

Reputation For Reliable Performance

VaraCorp’s floating aeration equipment requires no routine maintenance. There are no bearings to grease or floats to be checked. The pontoons are made of UV-protected polyethylene and are filled with closed-cell foam, guaranteed not to sink, even if punctured.

The motors are hazardous duty, industrial- grade, designed to run 24/7. The air shaft is made of a stainless steel tube that has a ¼-inch thick wall. The rotating turbine is made of nylon imbedded with fiberglass making it both corrosion and wear resistant. The aerator prefers to be left alone once it is turned on, i.e. no need for routine maintenance or inspections.

VaraCorp, LLC

Replaces Other Aerators Which Have 5 Times or More Horsepower

VaraCorp’s 5-horsepower Air Turbine

VaraCorp’s 5-horsepower turbine aerator typically pulls 4-horsepower line amps. This aerator, equipped with only a 3-hp motor at the time, was used to replace nineteen 20-horsepower propeller-type aerators on a one-for-one basis in a municipal wastewater lagoon.

The result was an increase in dissolved oxygen from 4-5 parts per million (ppm) to 5-7 ppm. (These results, though seemingly impossible, were carefully recorded over several weeks of daily lab tests by the municipality.) The VaraCorp surface aerators led to a reduction in power consumption by over half. The VaraCorp wastewater aerators have been running 24/7 for six years with little to no maintenance of any kind.

The VaraCorp aerator pushes air into water and not water into air. It takes much less energy to move air than to move water.

Competing wastewater aerators place a lot of torque on the motor to turn paddle wheels or prop blades, etc. They can have multiple moving parts and multiple bearings that can wear out. In contrast, the VaraCorp aerator is the ultimate in simplicity using only a low-torque spinning turbine to saturate the water with dissolved oxygen. The motor is epoxy-coated for long life.

The pontoons are made of long lasting polyethylene. The air shaft is made of stainless steel with ¼-inch thick walls. The turbine is made of nylon impregnated with fiberglass to provide both corrosion and wear resistance.

The VaraCorp aerator has no bearings to grease, dials to be adjusted, or tolerances to be maintained. Each part of the aeration system is factory balanced and quality checked before it is shipped. Once installed, the aerator prefers to be left alone so that it can quietly run 24/7.