Surface Aerator

VaraCorp is excited to offer you high-quality and efficient solutions to keep your water healthy and clean. Surface aerator systems are highly effective in enhancing the quality of water in a cost-effective way. By raising the level of dissolved oxygen in the water, surface aerators sustain vital aquatic life and expedite the process of breaking down pollutants.

A major benefit of surface aerator systems is their energy efficiency, which translates to reduced operational costs for users. Moreover, these systems reduce the chances of odors emanating from the water and prevent mosquitoes and other insects from breeding in stagnant water, thereby reducing potential health hazards.

What Is a Surface Aerator?

A surface aerator is a system used in the water treatment process to increase dissolved oxygen in the water. Oxygen is necessary to sustain aquatic life and break down pollutants.

A surface aerator system is a combination of a surface aerator and a motor. The system can vary in its configuration depending on the size of the water body and the quantity of wastewater to be treated. The system can be either fixed or floating depending on the position it holds in the water body.

Benefits of Surface Aerator Systems

Surface aerator systems have numerous advantages, including the following:

Energy Efficiency

Surface aerators are designed to consume less energy while they perform their operations. They, therefore, provide an excellent energy-efficient option for the treatment of water bodies.

Reduced Odor

Surface aerators break down pollutants, which cause an unpleasant odor. They increase the dissolved oxygen level, which controls the development of anaerobic bacteria, leading to a reduction in odor.

Reduced Maintenance

The sturdy construction of surface aerators ensures minimum downtime and maintenance.

Surface aerator systems are an investment towards ensuring a healthy and vibrant water ecosystem. At VaraCorp, our experts are always here to help you choose the right surface aerator system for your specific needs. Contact us today, and let us help you keep your water bodies healthy and clean.