Industries Served

VaraCorp routinely sells surface aerators to ten or more industries.

These industries that purchase Surface Aerators include municipal wastewater plants, wineries, breweries, aquaculture farms, dairy farms, horticulture nurseries, hog and cattle feedlot operations, mining operations, chemical companies, food processing plants, and miscellaneous industrial wastewater operations among others. In addition VaraCorp sells hazardous duty aerators to frac pit operators.

VaraCorp’s air turbine surface aerator can transfer 4.7 pounds of dissolved oxygen per horsepower hour according to a field test study. This transfer equates to 450 pounds per/unit/day.

Industries and Clients Served

Case Studies.

>>>Repeat customers shown by an ( * )

VaraCorp maintains photos and descriptions of some of its aerator installations. Collectively, these items constitute our Case Studies file. As you review these Case Studies, you will see the myriad ways in which the turbine can solve the need for aeration. To the right is a partial list of VaraCorp’s client base. The Case Studies are shown under Download Center.

VaraCorp’s client list reflects a large percentage of repeat sales, shown by the (*). This is a great testimony to the effectiveness of the turbine aerator.

  • City of Evart, MI
  • City of Cordell, OK ***
  • City of Gunter, TX
  • City of Ash Creek, UT *
  • City of Lexington, TX **
  • City of Weslaco, TX
  • City of Norwalk, OH
  • City of Steward, AK **
  • City of Hemet, CA
  • City of Sand Springs, OK
  • Corix Wastewater, TX *
  • Heilae Development, AZ
  • Austin Armature Works, TX **
  • YHWH People Company, GA

  • Revolver Brewery, TX ****
  • Real Ale Brewery, TX ****
  • Parducci Winery, CA
  • 14 Hands Winery, CA
  • Hall Wines, CA
  • Airfield Estates, WA
  • Zirkle Winery, WA
  • ClearBlu Inc. CA********
  • Cougar Clean Systems, TX
  • Harrison Farms, NC
  • Milk Unlimited Dairy, IA
  • Martin Farms, MO
  • OmniLyte Enviro, Canada ***
  • Pond Management Inc., TX
  • Seville Farms, TX **
  • Stahlbush Farms, OR***
  • Sun Nursery Inc., FL**
  • Taylor Brother Farms, CA
  • Valley Beef, CA
  • Peters Irrigation, TX
  • Voss Farm, MN
  • Affordable Waste, KY *
  • Aquabest Seafood, FL
  • Aryzta Inc., Canada **
  • Bell Wastewater Design, WA
  • Cassella Waste Inc., PA
  • Cap May foods, NJ **
  • Dalles Fruit, WA
  • Danlin Oil, OK ****
  • Enviropure Systems, SC ****
  • FlexChem Inc., OK ********
  • FDS Operating, CO
  • Fextex, OR *
  • Linch Environmental, WY *
  • New Field Energy Inc., OK **
  • HED Environmental, TX**
  • PureStream Enviro Inc., TX **
  • Patriot Coal, Canada
  • QEP Energy Inc. OK, TX ***
  • Rio Resources Inc., TX ***
  • R360 Inc, CO
  • Devon, OK
  • Rockwater Energy, UT ***
  • D&B Oilfield Service, OK *
  • Locus Solutions LLC, OH **
  • Ambient H2O, Peru *
  • Arizona Fish & Game Dept.
  • Aviana, Mexico
  • CIAM, Mexico**
  • Equipsa Enterprises, Mexico *
  • Ekstom Fish Farm, TX
  • Grupo Acuicola, Mexico
  • Induaqua S.A.S, Mexico
  • Global Organic Farm, Inc., CA
  • Naturaceites S.A., Guatemala
  • Rangy Inc., FL
  • PacifiCorp, WA
  • Unique R Us, Colombia
  • Nabers Enterprises, TX*****
  • Allatoona Landing, GA
  • Mustafa Sharam, FL
  • Kevita Inc., CA**
  • PrideChem Inc., Singapore
  • Grupo Acuicola, Mexico
  • Induaqua S.A.S., Mexico
  • LaMonica Fine Foods, NJ
  • Taversiers Bourbonnais, Canada
  • Wallbridge Mining, Canada

Oil & Gas Industry

VaraCorp’s distributor for the Oil and Gas Industry is FracCure LLC. Please visit for more information.

Aeration is used in frac pits and frac tanks to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand. Dissolved oxygen also will combine chemically with metals and other contaminants in the frac flowback water to form oxides which drop to the bottom of the pit. >>


When dissolved oxygen is injected into produced water or flowback water, it ramps up the population of aerobic microbes. These aerobes can “digest” hydrocarbons, turning them into carbon dioxide gas which escapes harmlessly.
Frac fluids contain all sorts of chemicals including surfactants, gelling agents, biocides, etc. When these contaminants come into contact with dissolved oxygen, they become “oxidized” and are rendered somewhat harmless. The key to dissipating such chemicals is to inject copious amounts of dissolved oxygen and to increase the contact time between the dissolved oxygen and the contaminants to the greatest extent possible.
As with chemicals, dissolved oxygen can form oxides with metals and minerals in the water causing new metal compounds to be created which then fall to the bottom of the pit.
Dissolved oxygen can displace certain volatile gases in the flowback or produced water causing such gases to escape into the atmosphere.